Implementation Of A Project Team Formed And A Manager From Procurement Department

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1. Define Phase implementation: A Project Team was formed and a manager from the procurement department had the following responsibilities. This phase deals with defining. • Review the tools and techniques. • Responsible for all the project deliverables. • Responsible to meet the deadlines. • Review the deliverables from process perspective. 2. Measure phase implementation: This phase dealt with the measurement by considering the current levels of procurement levels and measuring them with the data baseline, data collection and data consolidation. 3. Analyze phase implementation: A 3600 analysis was done to find out root causes of high procurement cycle time. Data Analysis • Analyzed graphical forms of data to find patterns and clues. •…show more content…
• Incomplete and delayed documentation for customs clearance of components. • Shipment delays from vendors and missing shipments. • Packaging issues. • Delays in testing and acceptance of components received through shipment. • Conflicts between project and finance teams on price approvals causing delays. 4. Improve phase implementation: Various techniques were used in the improve phase to find the solutions to fix all root causes using processes like brain storming, benchmarking, creative thinking and different lean techniques. Some of the improvement actions that were implemented are: • Cut down multiple verifications and approvals by merging some process steps. • Consolidated the qualified vendors list. • Held discussions with vendors and revised the timelines of quotation, shipments etc. • Removed the bottlenecks in decision making on alternate components and price approvals. • Fixed a new set of timelines for all approvals. • Resolved the issues with the vendors on packaging and shipping defects. • Introduced periodic statistical review meetings with project, finance and vendor teams. • Fixed technical issues. • Dedicated a role for customs documentation. 5. Control Phase implementation: The tasks performed in the control phase were • Post improvement data collected and verified against goals. • Corrective actions were taken to sustain the improvements. • The new processes were institutionalized. The above duration table shows that it took just 4 months for
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