Implementation Of Agile Software Development

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Agile Software Development is a set of principles that have revolutionized the software development industry. They "seek alternatives to traditional project management" acting as "an alternative to waterfall, or traditional sequential development." (The Agile Movement, It is thought that Agile came to be with the introduction of the Agile Manifesto, but their origination dates back much further. Dating as far back as 1970, sequential development has gained its critics. Dr. Winston Royce presented in a paper, "Managing the Development of Large Software Systems," doing just that. He believed that software should not be developed as if it were an "automobile on an assembly line" where each piece is added sequentially. They could not move on from one phase before completing the previous one. Dr. Royce suggested that this was not an effective methodology, objecting to this "due to the lack of communication between the specialized groups that complete each phase of work." (Agile Software Development: A Tour of Its Authors, Though, his thoughts did not gain the attention necessary to prevent the turmoil that ensued. In the early 1990s, the software development enterprise faced what was called the "application development crisis" also known as the "application delivery lag". Businesses were moving at a much faster pace than application production could handle. According to experts in the industry predicted that the time between the business need…
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