Implementation Of An Electronic Health Record

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Crescent Healthcare, has a system in place that is called Carves this is just a variation from a program for logistics. The original program in called runzheimer and is promoted as a range of employee mobility services relating to business vehicles, relocation, route planning, healthcare scheduling & travel management. This system relies on’ the nurse on each visit completing handwritten documentation and ticking boxes, each time they see the client. This documentation is then sent to the office by mail and then scanned into the data base. There is a lot of problems with documentation being lost, illegible handwriting, missed visits. By no means is this a nurse informatics system, and they don’t have EHR. I will be focusing on some of the…show more content…
Elberg (2001). Before the implementation of EHR the organization must conceder the following Three functional considerations Crescent would have needed to appropriately examine their work flow. With nurses and pharmacy, as each can be significantly different. The process can be as simple as having a practice administrator shadow a Field nurse and a Pharmacist throughout their day. Experts say an EHR should accommodate clinic work flows, rather than forcing staff to adapt to the EHR 's templates and structure. That 's why it is so vital to examine work flow before selecting a system. The recommendation is to do a work flow studies both pre-implementation and post-implementation of the EHR, so that the system can communicate hard data to its EHR vendor. The vendor should look at the companies work flow and see what might need to be changed to function efficiently. Even small hitches in work flow can aggregate to become large irritants for staff. Marissa Rogers is the program director for a family medicine residency at a large integrated health system in mid-Michigan. She said it is the little things that often become the biggest frustrations. Examine infrastructure Another important consideration that practices ' fail to look closely at is their technical infrastructure. Factors like the computer 's processing speed (hardware), Internet connection, broadband width, even
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