Implementation Of An Electronic Prescribing System

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In order to obtain relevant information for implementing an electronic prescribing system, a variety of sources were reviewed. As the HITECH Act nationwide was contributory to the recent surge of adoption for e-Rx systems, the focus of the research was to find research data reflective of successful implementation and practical guidance. In order to extract retrieve necessary information, a variety of sources were reviewed; journal articles, review articles, meta-analysis, and national guidelines on implementing e-Rx systems. Due to the heightened interest for this particular topic, there is a lot of valuable information and guidance available regarding adopting electronic health records (EHR) and e-prescribing systems on website and Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services websites.
In order to analyze different aspects of e-prescribing, five key areas were reviewed in depth. The five areas consist of return on investment for implementing an e-Rx, current landscape of e-Rx systems, barriers to e-Rx’s across the board, necessary steps in ensuring successful implementation of e-Rx systems among providers, and current situation at the VA. Understanding the five elements can better equip and engage stakeholders as they prepare for implementation of an e-Rx system. Without establishing a solid understanding and weighing all the pros and cons, the pursuit of an e-Rx system may not guarantee a buy-in from its stakeholders, resulting in a set-back or even a failed…
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