Implementation Of An Information Security Project

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IMPLEMENTING INFORMATION SECURITY Implementation of an information security project takes more time, effort and communication in security systems development life cycle (SecSDLC). In this phase, an information security blueprint is executed and accomplished by changing the configuration and operations of the organization. The change in procedures, people, hardware, software and data can provide more security. During implementation phase, the blueprint turns into project plan. The project plan implements the security controls and establish a setting to achieve those controls with desired outcomes. To develop the project plan, the management must communicate to the information security vision and objectives with the communities of interest involved to execute the project plan. The security visions states the goals of the information security and its objectives to built the project plan by guiding the changes, which are useful for the implementation phase. The execution of project plan depends on planning the project, supervising tasks and action steps and wrapping steps. To develop the project plan, each organization has follows its own methodologies and project management practices. Implementation of project plan needs the creation of detailed project plan. Each task is assigned to either the project manager or the project champion. The project plan uses work breakdown structure (WBS) tool to develop. In this approach, the project plan is divided into major tasks along with
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