Implementation Of Building Web Architecture

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Before we can begin building web architecture, the system analyst would need to examine the needs of the organization and then develop a concise set of goals pertaining to the organization. However since, the old web site of the company is still running it would be prudent to know the technical and business related matters linked with the former website. On this same track we should also determine if the IT office for the company has the required experience and skill sets necessary for the execution of this project. The company might have to outsource for supplementary resources, training, and contracting consultants for the project’s success (Nelson, 2010). The project should be developed on a modular manner, so users can test the numerous functional components of the website. Tony’s Chips website is currently operating, so it would be vital for the designer to gather the existing functional requirements for the website. During the data collection phase the system analyst will conduct several face to face interviews from the product support department, and will collect the system documentation using the fact finding techniques (McArdle, 2010). Once all the requirements are satisfied the next step would be to review all of these requirements. Only then will the system analyst be able to determine whether to develop the software in house or opt for packed solutions.
Website Migration with Minimal Downtime
Before you can begin the migration of the website there…
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