Implementation Of Lean Manufacturing Systems

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IMPLEMENTATION OF LEAN IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY Submitted by Gowtham Dontu Z1759101 Submitted in partial fulfillment of ISYE 550 Lean Manufacturing Systems Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Northern Illinois University. Introduction: Lean Manufacturing is characterized as a methodical way to deal with distinguishing and wiping out waste through ceaseless change. Endeavors are made to show the holes between the standards and practices. Some related recommendations are advanced to extend the learning base of experts to make the execution more powerful over the long time and for promotion of exact research by scholastics. Automobile manufacturers have changed their logic of production in favor of the lean manufacturing…show more content…
By administering this technique there will be some rapid changes in the work environment. The below table explains the published papers that have been involved in the lean manufacturing in Automotive Industries. These papers are basically divided into three themes which are later explained below in particular. Themes that are related to each other are marked with a YES in RED color. There are EIGHT papers and are divided accordingly. Implementation of Lean in Automotive Industry Negative Effects of Lean in Automotive Industry Pros and Cons of Lean PAPER-1: Lean Engineering-Best Practice in the Automotive Industry YES PAPER-2: Survey of Lean Manufacturing in Malaysian Industries YES PAPER-3:Lean Manufacturing- Kaizen ourselves to Death YES PAPER-4:Implementing Lean Manufacturing principles in Auto Industry YES PAPER-5: The Darker side of Lean: An Insider’s Perspective on the realities Toyota Production Systems YES PAPER-6: Comparative Study of Lean Manufacturing Tools used in Manufacturing firms and service sectors YES YES PAPER-7: Study of Reasons for the adoption of Lean Production in the Automobile Industry: Questions for the AEC industries YES PAPER-8: Exploring the impact of Lean Management on Innovation Capability YES 2.1 Implementation of Lean in Automotive Industry: This starts with explaining us the following details such as how and when the Lean
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