Implementation Of New Security Systems Using Biometrics

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The Career episode describes the project that I worked on in my Senior year after several discussions with my Professors. These discussions helped a great deal for me to identify my areas of interest to help with my career goals. These discussions led to the project work titled – Implementation of New Security Systems using Biometrics. Chronology: November 2010 – January 2011 Geographical Location: Chennai, India Institution: Rajalakshmi Engineering College – Affiliated to Anna University Position: Senior Year Undergraduate Student in Biomedical Engineering Project: Implementation of New Security Systems using Biometrics. Security in today’s world is key to any resource. A novel prototype security system can be fabricated by the combined use of Vein Scanner and DNA comparison technique which can be hack proof than techniques present in today’s world. This type of security system enables one to access their accounts or accessories without carrying any cards or remembering any alpha-numeric keys as passwords. Although passwords and cards are widely used for security systems, they prove to be ineffective as passwords can be traced out and cards can be easily duplicated. In addition, it is also the case wherein users tend to forget their passwords and have to run from pillar to post at crucial times. In current trends, finger print scanning can also be duplicated by using rubber fingers which are impinged with the person’s actual fingerprint. Hence, there arises the need for a
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