Implementation Of Orlando 's Dynamic Nurse Patient Relationship Model

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Implementation of Orlando’s Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship Model Nurses of the twenty-first century are expected to be equipped with multiple abilities to which they must apply to various circumstances. Through the nursing theories that have been developed over the years, nurses can further become well rounded in the ways in which they treat their patients. One theory in particular, pertains to the nurse-patient relationship and how vital it can be when caring for others. Ida J. Orlando constructed “The Dynamic Nurse-Patient Relationship” theory based on her own research in order to draw focus upon the nurse and patient interaction along with producing positive outcomes for patient improvement (Faust, p.14, 2002). Focusing on patient interaction and building a patient relationship can implement a more individualized care plan for specific patients. Furthermore, Orlando’s nursing theory can be useful in identifying patient anxiety and distress which can lead to better interaction between the patient and nurse. While assessing how Orlando’s theory can be applied to everyday patient care, it is also vital to understand the fundamentals that are a part of this dynamic theory of nursing practice. Orlando’s theory of the nurse patient relationship focuses on the delivery of care through the nursing process. The process begins with the immediate observation that there is a problematic situation, and then the nurse must assess the patient by asking questions in order to check
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