Implementation Of Performance Against Standards

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ensures completion of performances in line with an organisations plans/goals. Control requires planning. All meaningful control techniques are planning techniques and how good they are is dependent on how well organisational plans are written/developed. Purpose of control is to measure activities and take control to ensure that plans are being accomplished. Control of these activities operates via people. Hence an organisational structure must be in place. The controlling process is a set of steps which a manager uses to determine whether organisational goals have been met. These steps are; • Establishment of standards • Measurement of performance • Comparison of performance against standards • Taking corrective action(s) Plans can be…show more content…
Managers must ensure that the standards set are properly established and that their measurements of performance are valid and reliable. Control • Should be tailored to plans and positions • Must be tailored to individual managers and their responsibilities • Should highlight exceptions as critical points • Should be objective • Should be flexible • Should be economical • Should lead to corrective actions Barriers to successful controlling Control activities can create over emphasis on short term production as opposed to long term production. They can increase an employee’s frustration. They can lead to falsification of reports (rare!!!). In order to create an effective control process, the organisation needs to determine what it is and where it is going. A mission statement and objectives will help to determine the goals and how to put effective planning in place to meet these goals. Specific timelines and achievable goals need to be outlined so that all employee’s /employer’s understand how their position fits within the organisations plans. It is important to have thorough review processes in place in order to determine if an organisation its targets/goals. Controlling is a fundamental management function. It is the responsibility of every manager and is a continuous activity (forward looking) it is both the beginning and the end process of management and is related to results. Control exists at every level. Control as a process and
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