Implementation Of Project Management Methodology

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1. Introduction
Project management methodology is a combination of sensibly related practices, systems and procedures that decide how best to arrange, create, control and convey a task all through the continuous execution process until effective completion and termination. It is a logically demonstrated, precise and trained way to deal with project design, execution and completion. The purpose of project methodology is to take into consideration controlling the whole management process through powerful choice making and critical thinking, while guaranteeing the success of particular procedures, approaches, strategies, methods and technologies.
1.1 Difference between a standard and a methodology
Methodology is a collection of methods, procedures and practices that are repeated again and again, i.e. same practices are taken after on every project.
A Standard is a set of information areas which are viewed as great practices with in the industry.
A general difference between standard and methodology is that methodology will give a practical procedures for getting the project done while the standard will manage the best practices took after with in that industry. A methodology is typically a well-designed framework while a standard is the best practice that have been tried and implement with in the industry.
2. Overview of project management methodologies
The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a collection of procedures and learning areas acknowledged as…
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