Implementation Of Safety Management Plan

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3. Implementation of Safety Management Plan
3.1 Communication
In order to achieve the effectiveness of implementation of safety management plan within the company, the company should establish communication routes between the company management and workers and among the workers itself. The purposes of establishing this communication routes are:

1. Preventing ignorance, misunderstanding and problems especially regarding work health and safety issues within the company.
2. Strengthening the company work health and safety management plan.
3. Encouraging every personnel within the company to support the implementation of safety management plan.
Several considerations that should be taken into account when establishing the communication system
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The company must have the communication procedure to ensure that every single information regarding with work health and safety issues are being communicated from and to workers and to other related parties. The involvement and consultation of workers must be documented and notified to the company management. The workers must:

1. Being involved in the development and review of risk management policies and procedures.
2. Being informed when there are many changes that can affect work health and safety.
3. Being represented in health and safety management plan review.

In the safety management plan review, the workers can be involved in:

1. Developing and reviewing safety management policies.
2. Hazards identification.
3. Risk assessment on the construction site.
4. Consultation on every change which is being made on:
 Equipment change
 Materials change
 Technology change
 Work procedure change.
In implementing safety management plan, the company can use several communication tools such as:
1. Formal meeting between the company management and workers.
2. Email.
3. Online learning.
4. Work health and safety training.
5. Notice boards and posters.
6. Issuing regular bulletin.

3.2 Policy procedures and management practice

The guidelines, policies, and procedures have summarized in the following paragraph in which all parties including employees, job contractors and visitors must follows:

3.2.1 Objectives and Target of Health and Safety

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