Implementation Of The Course Management System

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There are several implementations that need to be address thought this development. The first challenge is the architecture itself in the implementation that this challenge addresses and what it holds. The next implementation is the course management system and the platforms that the system is going to reside on after that the project and any support that is needed throughout the system. There is also a deployment strategy and making sure that will be able to deploy the system in a proper manner but the potential challenges of the team needs to be also addressed as well. Lastly how the system is going to be updated on a regular basis needs to be addressed and discussed. There are several implementations that need careful thought, but with the skills of this team and the knowledge that is available to us we will be able to implement software that is capable of handling the load and the security of the desired system. The application will be very robust and we will be able to implement an environment that will be the forefront of the network and of all the computer systems in its time. The software and system updates can be performed in an out of band manage environment. The challenge that is involved is that the implementation of the architecture is somewhat challenging but the system will be able to be updated very easily. For example Apache will be the web services for the network and files called war files will be needed to update the system. These war files will be
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