Implementation Of The Multiple Independent Levels Of Security Architecture ( Mils )

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Another security measure is the implementation of the Multiple Independent Levels of Security Architecture (MILS). The MILS model is best used for high assurance systems as the structure of the model has stringent access controls and work flows which a regulated by a microprocessor. This model is simpler than others but offers tighter security. The MILS model is broken down into four components: A Separation Kernel, Middleware, Applications and a Partitioning Communications System. This structure is similar to other security models as they can have a security kernel which regulates drivers and applications. The aspects that separate the MILS model are its security policies and the way in which they are implemented. (OIS) Unlike the…show more content…
The Middleware is responsible for ensuring information sent out is properly defined & labeled, filtering and damaging messages and ensuring the information flow restrictions are followed and remain intact. This level also contains “device drivers, file systems & POSIX” which are traditionally located in the kernel of other security models (OIS, 2015). According to Objective Interface Systems, the Application Layer is “responsible for enforcing application layer security policies” (2015). These security polies can include encryption protection firewalls, and/or IDS settings. This layer is located on top of the middle layer. This layer is unique as the applications security can be evaluated on its own aside from the security of the entire system (Xining & Yameng, 2012). The forth component of the system is the Partitioning Communication System (PCS). This component works in conjunction with the Middleware Layer and controls the interaction between the different MILS sections. The PCS provides end-to-end protection to the sections on the network not directly connected to the MILS. It assists with security for the information flow, data isolation. Periods processing and damage limitation (OIS, 2015).
Advantages of MILS
The MILS model has several advantages. The primary advantage to MILS is rooted in the system’s design. The MILS model was designed for security thus making the architecture
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