Implementation Of The Personnel Section

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6. Personnel The purpose of the personnel section is to ensure the project has sufficient and suitable staff with the right skills and experience to ensure successful project completion. Fig. 1: breakdown of personnel associated with the implementation process Manager 6.2 Personnel Requirements The following Table is a breakdown of the roles required to execute the implementation of the BioLiving© project. It includes the responsibility of the employees, skills required, number of staff required to fulfil the role, and the duration required in the role. Table 3: The roles, responsibility and skills required for the implementation process 6.2 Special Skills & Training The…show more content…
6.4 Legal or Policy Restrictions on Personnel All company policies conform to current regulations and legislation of the Australian Government and State Laws. Employees must abide with Worker’s Health and Safety regulations and use the strict Code of Practice, as they have a duty of care for themselves and others. All employees will be paid the correct amount for their labour and will incur overtime wages if applicable. 6.5 Special Requirements There are minimal special requirements for personnel in the implementation of the new biodegradable line of BioLiving© . All employees must have security clearances to enter the site. Key Personnel, such as the Project Manager and Systems Manager must sign a confidentiality agreement to not to disclose any Intellectual Property (IP) pertaining to the manufacturing and production of the BioLiving© product range. 6.6 Time-Phase Personnel to Project Schedule/Budget The following table is a detailed breakdown of the amount of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) acquired and the estimated effort in FTE days required by month for each staff resource assigned to the project before initial production commences. Table 4: The 7 month breakdown of the wage of each personnel involved before initial
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