Implementation Of The Personnel Section

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6. Personnel
The purpose of the personnel section is to ensure the project has sufficient and suitable staff with the right skills and experience to ensure successful project completion.

Fig. 1: breakdown of personnel associated with the implementation process
6.2 Personnel Requirements
The following Table is a breakdown of the roles required to execute the implementation of the BioLiving© project. It includes the responsibility of the employees, skills required, number of staff required to fulfil the role, and the duration required in the role.

Table 3: The roles, responsibility and skills required for the implementation process

6.2 Special Skills & Training
The following table depicts the training required to ensure that the implementation of the new manufacturing process for the production of BioLiving© can be achieved successfully, promptly and without loss of product and time.

Table 3: The training required for personnel in the implementation process.

6.3 Possible Recruitment Problems
Just Container Things ™ has existing employees and skilled workers available to undertake the implementation of the new manufacturing process. There may be some recruitment problems with the implementation team due to the re-education and retraining with new manufacturing techniques. If there is minimal staff available for this new, next generation of…
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