Implementation Of The Project From Start Completion

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This chapter will address the implementation of the project from start to completion. It will cover all the iterations of the creation process as well as any finding I discovered throughout.

Iteration 1

Design and Implementation
As this was my first iteration of the project it was important that I implemented all the basic functionality required to aid the transition to its more complex nature. I started off by following the same design pattern as described in my initial interface design storyboards. However, upon implementing the colour scheme I realised that the original pastel colours did not suit the style or lay out of the application. In general it just didn 't look appealing.
With that in mind, and with several colour changes I decided to go with a black and white colour scheme with subtle flashes of other colours e.g. Blue. The reason for this was that it professional and the use of the colours together should not be hugely distracting or disorientating for users.
In terms of the functionality of the project I stated that my first iteration would be to ensure that users can register, login and log out of my application. However, before I could do this I had to set placeholders and navigation links to the application. Although the navigation links were part of the design stage it was important that these features would function to allow me to continue with the iteration. The later of this iteration was achieved by using my database structure to

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