Implementation Of The Project Management Essay

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There are a lot of fallacies and obstacles in implementing the project management in an organisation. It is necessary to understand them fully and should find out solution to overcome them so as to reach a high level project management maturity. According to Kerzner (2013) two main obstacles in project management maturity is activities are often controlled by different people with different positions of authority. They might be having less knowledge of the implementation of the project management and yet they may not be willing to undergo training. The other obstacle is decisions may be made upon personal interests and hidden agendas.

Conflicts cannot be fully eliminated from any project environment. There are a lots of reasons for this.
Why conflicts arise-
According to Kerzner (2013) conflicts occur in a project team as the people may have different interests, opinions, values, goals and feelings. Some last for short period and some other for long periods. Depends upon the people involved in the conflict and their mentality. Some other reasons why conflicts occur are-
• When the project deliverables cannot be achieved within the time frame
• When companies cannot deliver qualified resources they had offered
• When the qualifications and work habits of team members do not meet the requirement of the project
• The organisational structure itself can create conflicts,
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