Implementation Of The Security System

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Chapter Five
Implementation of the Security System 5.1 Introduction In this chapter will be discuss the implementation of the security model through the illustrative examples to explain functionality of the model. In order to test the functionality of the system, a case study application is used. The proposed case study is a messaging system used to exchange messages between clients under the control of the server.

5.2 Implementation Tools
The proposed system has been built by means of the following tools: Apache Web Server. Java Script Language. MySQL Database. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Language. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) Language. HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) Language.

5.3 Implementation of the Security System
The security system has been implemented using three layer architecture. The functions of the system will be described briefly as follow. 5.3.1 Client layer: Home-Page: The implementation of the security system to exchange messages between the first party (client) and the second party (server) is done by entering through any browser on the web such as (Opera,Netscape,Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and load the home web-page . After that the applicant or the first party (client) must enter secret number such as x. At the same time, the second party (server) will also enter a secret number , such as y. Both values (x,y) are defined within a specific period agreed in advance between the parties. The x value entered by…
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