Implementation Of Three Key Work Processes

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. Implementation
I am going to address the implementation of three key work processes at our educational institution. The first work process implemented at our educational institution is how our community transformation teams (CTT) function to ensure student success for all students. Each educator is assigned to a CTT at the beginning of the school year. Each week throughout the school year on Tuesday mornings, the community transformation teams meet and analyze student data on classroom assessments and benchmark assessments. Based on the data analysis, each member of the community transformation team will commit to specific action plans or steps. Educators will implement action steps throughout the week in their daily lesson plans aligned to help each student improve their overall scores on assessments and reach mastery on essential tasks. Educators are required to bring data showing how well their implementation of action steps did for the week aligned with student performance on assessments. School administrators are also given a copy of the CTT member’s action steps. The school administration and leadership team then performs several teacher observations and walkthroughs. This is to ensure effectiveness of the implementation of action steps and provide feedback and support when and where needed.
The second key work process is how our Kid Talk Teams function to ensure that all of our students are having their needs addressed in a way that best helps them to be…
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