Implementation Plan For Nurses With Quality Control Manager

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Implementation Plan
The education department in conjunction, with Quality Control Manager, and the charge nurses will play a major role in reassessing nurses’ assignment concerning patient-nurse ratio. The proposal will enable RN in the Medical-Surgical department to have 1:5 patient ratios. ICU nurses must continue with the 1:2 ratio. Another major area that will benefit from this change is patient safety in regards to medication administration, charting, patient teaching, discharges and infection control. The charge nurses need to follow closely the improvement of the change, time management, patient satisfaction, more efficient nurses, and make comparison between 1:5 and 1:7 patient ratios and its effect on patient safety.
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(Jacobs, et. al., 2012, p. 4). Methods used to evaluate the proposed solution were through interviews, questionnaires and feedback from all stakeholders, with the variables assessing nurses’ burnout rate reduction and the effect on patient safety in care delivery services. Adequate measurement tools used were in the area of work environment which benefit nurses’ and satisfy their expectations. Acuity/volume, by setting the standard of nurse patient ratio on the unit to 1:5. Patient teaching with adequate discharge instructions, and patient satisfaction survey. Leadership support for nurses’ to be part of the decision making team. Data collected to be analyzed and circulated benefits the project demand and stakeholders. Education is also an integral part of the policy change; and it enables stakeholders to make informed decision. According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), it stated that for nurses to be leaders in shaping health care of the future, it recommended that by the year 2020, 80% of nurses must possess a baccalaureate (BSN). Effective communication is also a must and an integral part for a successful research implementation. Hence, the administrative support such as the DON and CNO will be valuable and enhances approval of the institution. Other key stakeholders are needed as well for data collection and feedback. Commitment by stakeholders is
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