Implementation Plan Paper

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Implementation Plan Paper
Richard Smith
University of Arizona
Measuring Performance Standards
HCS 345
Lawrence Jones
September 14, 2009

Implementation Plan Paper
Change is an inevitable part of business and organizations should prepare to meet the challenge of adapting the quality of their product to match the needs of their customers. This goal can be met by establishing a vision for this change and by defining the exact outcomes the organization hopes to achieve for the final product. Depending on the scope of the change, the implementation process can vary widely in time, required resources, and complexity but the basic steps involved to achieve the vision are the same. The steps
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Health care utilization can best be measured through claims data where cost can be measured and compared against like populations to establish a benchmark for defining quality. COH has access to claims data from CIGNA Healthcare, which is the insurance carrier for the majority of their patients.
Wellness Programs An important part of managing diabetic health is through education and wellness programs designed to promote good health through prevention and individual participation in managing disease. COH providers should be referring identified pre-diabetics and diabetics to wellness programs that fit the patient’s disease management needs. Measuring the rate of diabetic referrals against the diabetic population would serve as an indicator the provider is proactively managing their patient’s disease.
Data Collection Methods Once the key performance indicators are defined, the source and method of collecting the data will need to be mapped to ensure the indicators can be measured. Some of the data may be difficult or impossible to obtain with the current resources available to the organization. This process will identify those gaps and provide an opportunity to establish new data collection methods and tools.
Electronic Health Record Electronic health record systems have opened the door to a level of medical reporting

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