Implementation Plan for Apple

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Write an Implementation plan for Apple Introduction: This implementation plan is based on the news that Apple will bring about a 'magical and revolutionary' product. (Hall, 2010) The gadget planned appears to be a visual device that can be worn on one eye like a Vuzix monocle. "Design notes says that the gadget will allow the watching of movies and shows from an iPod or iPhone while keeping their player in their pocket". (Hall, 2010) It is called the 'iPatch'. (Hall, 2010) Objectives The objective is to create a monocle type wearable instrument that can be used in multimedia applications while at the same time keeping the other eye free. This would help those in security business, and travelers who can then see movies and also watch the road or their belongings. In other words the instrument helps in enjoying the program but also makes the user aware of the surroundings. It may develop into many other functions as it is released and may also be used for chats and so on. Thus developing such an instrument that can be used with a iPod or other gadget in the pocket in record time and in great quantities considering the demand for iPod is the objective. Functional tactics Strategy consists of a consideration of the company objectives, constraints and future plans, the goals to be achieved are the central objective. Business wise it also has to have a business advantage in some form or another namely a competitive advantage. So the important functional areas are: the
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