Implementation Plan for Process Improvements at Emeritus Senior Living

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While Emeritus Senior Living speaks of these features in its company Mission and its statement of Values, the discussion conducted hereafter will demonstrate that the company's fast rate of growth has impeded its ability to impose the proper controls over these features. As a result, the company has fallen short of its goals in the areas of Mission, Vision and Value, especially as demonstrated by the Environmental Scan conducted in this investigation. This describes a company which is the top provider of senior care in the United States and which, as a result, has earned a positive reputation in the areas of quality, experience and accessibility. This reputation is allowing Emeritus to expand into foreign markets such as Canada and China, the discussion hereafter indicates. However, this important reputation has also been compromised by the company's recent poor performance in the rating of a Las Vegas facility. This stain on its reputation demonstrates the danger to quality control of too rapid an expansion. Thereafter, the discussion offers a set of strategic recommendations on how best to resolve this impasse. These recommendations give way to the more structured and concrete assertions of an implementation plan. The implementation plan centers on the recommendations of reversing…

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