Implementation Stage of SDLC.

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Implementation The implementation stage of any project is a true display of the defining moments that make a project a success or a failure. The implementation stage is defined as "the system or system modifications being installed and made operational in a production environment. The phase is initiated after the system has been tested and accepted by the user. This phase continues until the system is operating in production in accordance with the defined user requirements" (DOJ, 1). While all of the planning that takes place in preparation of the implementation phase is critical, I am of the opinion that the implementation itself is equally as important. When working through the process of defining and selecting my organization's new…show more content…
As it turned out, the number of problems were minimal, but nonetheless, had to be addressed. Similar to the first part of the testing phase, the consultants were given some time to make the necessary programming modifications to compensate for the issues discovered by our employees. After a short period of time, the same group was convened to review the modifications and ensure that everyone's concerns had been addressed. After agreeing that all of the issues had been addressed, it was time for the official installation of the application. In our particular case, the installation process was fairly simple. We decided to remove the test system completely from the server and install the final system from scratch. The consultant provided all of the final code and a fresh instance of the system was installed on our in-house server. Because we had designed the system to be entirely web based, the only client installation necessary was for system administrators. The administration client was deployed to each our system administrators within a matter of minutes. All other users would make use of the system through their web browsers. At the end of the new installation, a small test phase was completed again. The purpose of this phase was only to ensure the new installation was functioning as expected. We simply tested all aspects of the application while checking for errors. Fortunately, we didn't discover any additional problems, so we were ready to begin using the
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