Implementation Using Frameworks And Concepts Of Support The Initiative

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This assignment will discuss the area of improvement in my team and the people involved to bring it to implementation using frameworks and concepts to support the initiative. I will also explain why it is important to patients, stakeholders and my team members. How I work with my team will also be review showing the different leadership styles I will use to get the best possible outcome. I will also show how I intend to plan the rest of the project over the coming weeks as well as what is left to further scope for the initiative

Section One
The need of constantly looking at ways to improve our service and the reasons behind the need for improvement are a constant agenda Doyle et al (2013). I work as a Senior Clinical Site
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This put the CSM team into disarray, as staff were very unhappy and felt much unmotivated.

Between 10 am and 1130 am the CSM go around the hospital collecting information on the safety of the Hospital. The hospital has over 40 wards and support services making it impossible to visit all areas See Appendix 1 which displays the areas the CSM had to visit within the time frame above .The information gathered needs to be on time that we end up ringing some of the areas we cannot go to. As well as due to the geographical setting of the hospital, some locations take 15 mins .Some CSM due health reasons are unable to walk the long distances. The senior CSM’s role involves making sure all clinical and operational challenges are escalated to right people. I decided to consult with the CSM team as I came into post after the merger but before the consultation and realised we were not getting to all the areas.
It was important for me to understand why we had to change by process mapping the current process by collecting and analysing the service along with making sure staff views in order to figure where improvements were to be made. Raghavan (2015) suggests doing a root cause analysis (RCA) on the effects of the merger and workforce consultation .This helped to show fundamental system failures and gaps,
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