Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs by Foreign Subsidiaries

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How can a foreign subsidiary located in the United States improve its CSR in the United States? Are attitudes toward CSR in the United States changing as more foreign subsidiaries locate within the United States? How, and why?
Foreign subsidiaries need to start with a well-planned and defined strategic plan if they are to succeed with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, taking into account value creation, risk management and corporate philanthropy as part of their strategic vision for the programs. These three elements are essential for creating a solid foundation to define CSR-based initiative, strategies and programs on. The most effective CSR programs implemented by foreign subsidiaries in the United States often include International Standards Organization (ISO) 26000 compliance, in addition to the creation and continual development of ethics self-monitoring systems (Turker, 2009). In addition to these factors, foreign subsidiaries whose CSR programs are designed to provide continual updates on the progress being made on key social programs and initiatives often are more effective than those that withhold information or only share it sporadically (Turker, 2009). Being authentic and transparent is critically important in creating an effective CSR program within a foreign nation as the differences in culture, perception, attitudes and beliefs must be taken into account (Deresky, 2011). Being attuned to cultural variations from their native nation to the
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