Implementation of Intellectual Property Right: Multiple parties’ Responsibility

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How important is an intellectual property right (IPR)? IPR protects the creator or inventor’s benefits, so that it stimulates the interest of innovation. According to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the number of patent application has been increased over 450% from 1980 to 2010. It shows that people now are more concern about copyright issues. Although owners have the patent application, the violating of copyrights and patents are still happening all over the world. The article, “Who is This Man, and Why Is He Screaming?” written by Rachel Kadish, indicates the problems about IPR that the author’s cousin, Noam Galai, to upload his portrait to Flickr and later it is used for rock band posters, flags of protesters and logo on merchandises by strangers worldwide. Besides, Jolly and his group share their experience in securing IP in the essay “Ten Simple Rules to Protect Your Intellectual Property.” The author, Satwant Kaur, discuss the importance of registration certificate and its limitation for semi products in her technical review “Intellectual Property Protection For Mask Works.” Medical researchers led by Shah, conduct the paper “The Ethics Of Intellectual Property Rights In An Era Of Globalization,” explain their view on why developing countries are not willing to implement IPR policy in Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). Only relying on the patent registration cannot completely solve the existing

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