Implementation of It to Supply Chain Management in Kazakhstan

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1. Introduction The implementation of Information Technologies(IT) into Supply Chain Management (SCM) into any industry’s firm is an essential and crucial part for successful and productive firm performance: it’s knowledge about market demand, customer and supplier relationship. The main idea of this paper is to describe a framework for IT implementation and its impact on Supply Chain Management in the Kazakhstan Industry of Mining, Oil and Gas. The work will present in general IT types in SCM and the benefits they can create being implemented in different stages of production: purchasing, operations, logistics, customer and supplier relationship. The focus will be made on Kazakhstani local environment and development of firms in …show more content…
Nowadays there is a tendency among companies who are more and are becoming part of e-procurement: that’s mean, increasing number of companies which use web-sites and web-based applications as a SCM solution. Constantly changing business environment and the complexity of SCM process control and supervision has pushed managers in different spheres of activities broadly use IT for making SCM easier and more efficient. According to the research held by Mishra R.K. (2004), special types of software for SCM are being invented, created and implemented by the largest and successful companies and Science: 1. “Base Rate, Carrier Select & Match Pay (version 2.0)” is the invention of Distribution Sciences Inc. The new software is applicable for calculation of carrying costs, comparative analysis of transportation regime rates, analyzing cost and service forcefulness of freight. 2. “Supply Chain planning” is a software program created by Ross systems Inc., this software is accepted for it’s opportunity to forecast future market demand and allocate replenishment & manufacturing tools for effective business and manufacturing process planning. 3. “Transportation Network Optimization”, was developed by “P&G distributing company” and “Saber decision” for
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