Implementation of a Risk Management Project

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Risks are associated with the requirements of business, infracture, application, and the security program (Zeltser). There are also standards for understanding the importance of risk management, integration of risk management, the key roles of senior managers and other executives, how to perform the risk assessment, the control methods, risk mitigation, and the evaluation and assessment (Stoneburner). The risk management and IT policy should have a relationship with the organization's strategic plans and mission, which identifies the individual organization and industry. The functions of the Risk Management should flow more smoothly with more understanding if they are implemented with known standards that bring about the understanding and appropriateness of the risk functions. The scope of the project will include a full understanding of the functions of Risk Management, how to identify the risks associated with the IT system, understanding how the risks affect the IT system, and how to assess and manage those risks. The method that will be used is technology research and documentation. Research and documentation is the best method for determining what works and…
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