Implementing A Business Problem : An Important Part On The Success Of The Business

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Business problems can exist in all organisations, big or small. Recognising and solving a business problem plays an important part on the success of the business. Ways of recognising when a business problem exists are by; • Assessing the departments goal and whether or not they have been achieved, if they have not been achieved assess why. • Asking for feedback or questionnaires is a good method to use to collect performance statistics. Feedback from employees and customers can help to gather information and identify areas that may need assessing. • Monthly reports and meetings are a good way for the employer and employees to communicate and inform each other of any problems or updates. • Checking for stock figures is a good idea and…show more content…
(that relate to the organisations policy procedures.) • Check the behaviour, and customer service protocol of all staff and ask others for there feedback and opinions. Once the problems and the causes of the problem have been identified, the problem will need to be analysed to find the best possible solution. The ways of analysing business problems are; • Identify and analyse the causes of the problem. • Analyse how the problem happened and why. Discover how long the problem has existed. • Recognise other problems related to this problem and who/what the problem is effecting and whether there is any dangers involved. • Decide what the best solution is to reduce the problem and to prevent other business problems from happening. • Identify the effects on profits and resources and how much they cost. When planning to solve a problem it is best to not make decisions on your own. Involving other teams members from different departments with experiences of problem solving or the skills to help problem solve, can help to effectively solve the problem. A good method to use would be to arrange a meeting to discuss and evaluate the problem and the best possible outcome. Before deciding the final solution, brainstorming is another good way to identify and analyse the different solutions and the effects of each solution. The final solution should be recorded for future reference. When
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