Implementing A Change Management Plan

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Chapter 4.0: Implementation and change 4.1. Introduction Firstly, this chapter will explore creating a change to the management plan due to the identified change, consider barriers to the change and select a change management model. Then a change management plan will be discussed and outlined in greater detail. Subsequently, it will be explored how theoretical knowledge can support a newly qualified nurse (NQN), following an audit. Furthermore, it will be discuss the role of a leader and leadership theories for an NQN. In addition to this, the personality type and a plan for personal development will be presented (see Appendix 4). Finally, by completing this project there will be a reflection of what has been learnt. 4.2 Creating a…show more content…
NICE (2007) has produced a document which outlines some common barriers for a changing process. These barriers include motivation, awareness, knowledge and skills. A lack of one may cause in a management plan to fail. To facilitate, the lack of the appropriate training can cause lack of skills for staff to embrace a change. Lack of motivation and awareness can cause staff to be unaware of what needs to change and the rationale behind it. Ploeg et al. (2007) introduced similarities in perceptions of these barriers for example poor information exchange on an individual, organisational and system levels respectively. These approaches identified barriers which could occurs any level of the healthcare service. These barriers will be considered in developing a change to the management plan. It is important to choose a suitable change management model is another aspect of a change implementing. A model which has been used for over sixty years in clinical nursing practice is the Lewin’s model (1951) cited in Mitchell (2013) and presented in Figure 3. This model consists of three steps in change before it becomes part of a system, thus change agents must proceed in: unfreezing when considering a need for a change, then the moving - when initiation of a change follows, and refreezing step when equilibrium is established. Additionally, Lewin discussed how certain
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