Implementing A Comprehensive Optimal `` Work Life `` Balance Plan? Essay

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“Implementing a comprehensive Optimal “Work-Life” Balance Plan (OWLB) for the United States Army Transportation Directorate (TSD), will result in employee enhanced work productivity, and improved time management.” The next topic of discussion one the OWLB is the Organization Description. Organization Description Organization as defined by the statement, “an organization is a social entity that is goal-directed, designed as a deliberately structured and coordinated activity system, and is linked to the external environment” (Daft, 2016). “TSD’s mission is to provide critical enabling satellite, terrestrial, wide-area-networking, and integration services to support global power projection and critical command and control communications in support of Army, Department of Defense (DoD), Combatant Commanders, and Coalition Forces missions and requirements” (U. S. Army, n.d.). These definitions enforce the thesis of implementing a comprehensive OWLB for the TSD, the next topic of discussion is on the Literature Review (LT). OWLB Literature Review In dealing with OWLB and the LT given this author must first explain the literature and its significance on the OWLB. “In the Taking the Measure of Work,” by Fields (2002), this short excerpt from the book details one of the most profound insights when dealing with the OWLB. “For example, work experienced as demanding or not rewarding may increase the chances of work-family strain, whereas work this more rewarding may reduce the
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