Implementing A Flexible Open Architecture Based Radio System

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Software defined radio (SDR) aims to overcome the limitation of the conventional radio by building a flexible open architecture based radio system. Functional modules of the radio system are implemented on reprogrammable/reconfigurable hardware platforms using software. So highly flexible. Useful for global roaming services as SDR is able to interoperate with different wireless protocols, incorporate new services, and upgrade to new standards. Hence for implementing a given radio scheme, we required to identify the BBBs, place them in appropriate position, replace the BBBs by the FUs and connect them through the switches. Data routing from the output of one FU to the input(s) of one or more FUs can be achieved by providing appropriate control signals to the switches which is generated by the software. Thus, by changing control signals of these switches, different communication schemes can be established. However, the BBUs that are used in most of the schemes can be made static to reduce switching delay. The signal processing functions (like adder, delay, multipliers, carrier oscillator generators etc) are computationally intensive and they exhibit spatial or temporal parallelism or both. In SDR, the signal processing function are implemented in Software by simply downloading a new program and hence it is possible to incorporate to new services. Efficient Signal processor for SDR is either a DSP processor or ASIC or FPGA. ASIC /SOC offer low power Consumption, highest
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