Implementing A New Business At Abc Medical Center

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Creating a new business is challenging, expanding an already established facility can be even more daunting. To ensure a successful venture requires the right set of marketing skills. “Marketing is execution of the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, ideas, and services” (Berkowitz, 2006, p.4). In health care facilities this means developing a product or service to address health issues; establishing a price individuals and insurance companies are willing to pay; knowing what place is convenient for both the patient and the provider to give and receive treatment. Lastly, promotion of the product or service to ensure patients know what is available to address the health needs of the general public. These four …show more content…

This can be accomplished through strategic marketing skills. Strengths for this practice include orthopedic surgeons who are dedicated to their field, have the ability to offer diagnostics, surgery, follow up physical therapy in one location, and deliver exceptional patient care. Whereas weaknesses include being a new orthopedic practice in a highly saturated area with a less generous marketing fund than competitors. Potential customers include individuals with orthopedic needs, more specifically, those requiring hip and knee replacements, however other orthopedic patient cases can be evaluated for treatment. Satisfaction and repeat business can be achieved from the proper level of marketing. The current market is strong and has the potential of building a new and continued customer base, however, there are several other competing facilities with much larger marketing budgets that may be able to reach more customers on a broader base. Product, according to Eric Berkowitz (2011), is goods, services, or ideas offered by a health care facility. This is the first area to address in marketing. Products available with in ABC Medical Center are both tangible and intangible. Because the intangible products are harder to evaluate, marketing has “to show the tangible benefits from their use” (Berkowitz, 2011, p. 214). The products that ABC Medical Center has to offer is the availability of diagnostic screening, orthopedic surgery, and physical therapy for its patients. The

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