Implementing A New Plan For Business

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Our software development company is one of the successful companies in the industry for a long time. The company is very popular among the customer because of its exceptional customer services and quality products. Now this year the company facing a difficulty due to the change of the operating system done by Microsoft and for this our software becomes obsolete. So it is necessary to make some changes in our company and need to come up with a new plan in order to stay in the business.
Developing a Strategic Plan
The development of a new plan for business and its implementation needs a lot of effort and time. However, our dedicated experts developed the plan and implementation procedures following the 10 steps which are
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Assessing the External Environment
The external factor is that probably the other company which is also offering the similar services and software products to the customers may compete with our company. But due to our and large market and efficient advertising policy, it is very difficult for our competitors to offer the lower price for the software than the price of our company. Our company has another competitive advantage is that our brand name which is very popular among the customers.
Analyzing Internal Arrangements
The team, which is working for this project is under the research and development wing of the company composed of a manager, one supervisor and technicians and engineers and some supporting staffs. Each member of the team is encouraged to communicate with each other and the team lead will communicate about the progress and problems of the members to the supervisor. The supervisor will then consult with the manager for necessary arrangement. Our company has an open door policy, so any member of the team can talk to manager and director of the company for the immediate solution of the problem.
Assessing the Competitive Advantage
The company has a very good reputation among the customers for its reliable and good quality software with relatively lower prices than the other competitive company in the industry. Our company has been established in the market for over thirty years. The company is known for its excellent
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