Implementing A New Training Program

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I have experienced the difficulties and challenges faced with the way this has been in the past. With this new plan, it will completely eliminate the problems that have occurred from previous training processes. The company can save themselves many resources implementing a new training program with the phases: Goals and Objectives, Accessing Company Programs, Hands on workshop, Group/Teamwork activity, Evaluation and Follow up. Figure 1 shows the schedule of each phase and the days in which they should be carried out through the first week of training. Through the implementation of this project no extra resources will need to be used except the time of managers and other employees within the team. These are all miniscule factors in the beginning that will provide tremendous dividends in the success of this employee for the future.

The goal of this new training program being implemented is to create a better transition and immediate spark of productive output from new employees. These steps will guide these new employees through a transition to becoming a veteran of the workplace. The benefits involved through the implementation is just as much for the managers as the employees themselves. Managers will be not be wasting time, resources, and money on lost work from new employees not knowing or understanding what they are supposed to be doing. In fact, the change will more efficiently use up the hours wasted when new employees are left with no work to do, create better
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