Implementing A Nutrition Education Component On The Double Up Food Bucks Program At The Oakland County Farmer Market

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Project design: This project seeks to implement a nutrition education component in the Double Up Food Bucks program at the Oakland County Farmer Market The first step in achieving the goal of increasing the purchase and consumption of SNAP beneficiaries in Oakland County is to increase the participation rates of the DUBF program. A good way to accomplish this is through promotion. Promoting the the DUFB program and what is has to offer will increase awareness and educate participants of the benefits they are able to receive when they shop at the farmers market. Starting two months prior to the beginning of the farmers market season, the community dietitian will have developed numerous promotional advertisements . With the help of an assistant, the advertisements will be sent out and displayed at local businesses, community centers, government agencies and libraries within Oakland County. Promotional marketing types will include newsletters, flyers, brochures, and websites. Each advertisement material will include information about the farmers market, such as day and time of operation and location of market, as well as information on the DUFB program, the SNAP incentives offered, and benefits of participating. Additionally, the marketing material will promote the opportunity of nutrition education and ability to speak with a RD to answer any questions they may have. Newsletters will be sent out local residents homes, especially those in close proximity of the Oakland
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