Implementing A Performance Management Communication

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Implementing a Performance Management Communication Accounting, Inc. is implementing a performance management communication plan to advertise the performance management system (PMS) as well as gain employee support for the process. A good communications plan answers six fundamental questions that encompass the history of a PMS, alignment of organizational strategy with the PMS goals, employee input and rewards, and guidelines to follow throughout its execution. Laurence J. Peter (n.d., p. 1) said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” A well-constructed communication plan defines the expectations of the PMS. On the contrary, ambiguous outlines confuse employees and leave the implementation open to interpretation. Communication Plan It is imperative for Accounting, Inc. to generate support for the PMS during the early stages of the operation to avoid defiance to participate. An effective communication plan can produce devotion to the system as well as the organization’s strategic plan (Ates, Garengo, Cocca, & Bititci, 2013). The result of Accounting, Inc.’s plan should include employee understanding of the PMS; where to find reference material that describes each person’s role, timelines, and guidelines; and management and leadership support of the process (Ayers, 2013). Specifically, a useful communication plan answers six questions to enhance company-wide understanding. What is Performance Management? The first question to
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