Implementing A Project Management Methodology

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The use of structured methodologies in IT Project management is increasingly recognised as one of the fundamental drivers in reducing the likelihood of incomplete and costly IT project failures. The need for a systematic approach has been highlighted through a number of survey results on the failure of IT Projects. These results demonstrate that the significant issues associated with failed projects include the lack of; a defined project organisation, policy and procedures, implementation plans and integrated methods (Taylor 2003). It is apparent that these recognised issues can be significantly reduced through the implementation of standard project management methodologies. Lind and Culler (2013) completed research of 116 firms…show more content…
• Standardised project management provides consistency across the organisation. • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and each individual on the team is aware of their expectations. • Projects that are not working or no longer meet the business case are quickly identified, thus allowing for early intervention. • Greater accountability and performance for project teams. (McHugh & Mairéad 2006) The following case studies have been implemented using the PRINCE2 methodology and demonstrate how a structured methodology for IT Project Management can facilitate successful project outcomes. Example 1: Raise your glasses – the water 's magic! Strategic IT at SA Water: a case study in alignment, outsourcing and governance (Thorogood et al. 2004) South Australian Water (SA Water) is responsible for the supply of the majority of South Australia’s water. Prior to 1999, SA Water had a record of IT underperformance and a reputation not completing IT projects. In 1999, a new CIO was appointed to improve the dire IT situation. Changes were made and immediately a new project management methodology was adopted: PRINCE2. As a result, clear structures began to be implemented. Both internal and external project managers were required to have training in PRINCE2. The Waterscope project was selected to be a showcase PRINCE2 project in May 2001. The goal of the project was to provide timely information on water quality needed to manage
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