Implementing A School Wide Change

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There are five stages to help implement a school-wide change. The first is “becoming informed” and this is the stage that centers on research and information gathering. The goal of the principal is to educate him/herself as much as possible so that he/she can better understand the benefits, concerns, and effectiveness of trying a new program in the building. This is also when any testing or screening would need to happen so that the principal can get a clearer picture of the needs within the school based on the current student population. The second stage is “building support” which is just as the name suggests. The goal of the administrator is to build support for the new changes and to have faculty buy-in so that teachers and staff members are motivated to make the change. Furthermore, this is a key time for the administrator to act as a leader and model so that he/she may inspire others to act and make positive choices in regards to the program. The next phase is “creating an action plan” which is usually with a small group of people hand selected by the administration. This group figures out the nuts and bolts of bringing the change into the school by looking at the schools readiness for such a program, funding, and gaining commitment from the staff. Also during this time, the administrator is setting goals, problem-solving, and finding ways to delegate and support those working on the plan. The fourth phase is “implementing the plan” and may seem like a time…

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