Implementing A Specific Nursing Theory

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This article explores the act of implementing a specific nursing theory to a specific hospital. In this case a New England hospital adopted Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory looking at its overall effects on nursing practices and patient and nurse behaviors. This theory focuses on the comforts of both nurses and patients as well as enhancing the comforts of patient families. The article argues that comfort is a “fundamental need” especially in healthcare settings. Meeting the needs of staff, patients, and patient guests are seen as a vital role in a successful healthcare facility. One part of the article I found interesting was the idea that if comfortability increased in hospital care then so could financial stability. If the comfort needs of both patient and staff are being met it opens up a platform for both to engage and participate in “health seeking behaviors.” These behaviors are regarded as positive and as something every nurse and patient should attain. More in depth clarification may be needed in order to get a general understanding of what these behaviors are and how they really benefit both patient and nurse. But my perception is that these “health seeking behaviors” aim to enhance the nurse-patient relationship in order to tackle health problems together wholly. There is no doubt that the full attention and participation of both nurse and patient to a common goal makes the process a lot more efficient. More efficiency leads to the savings of valuable time and

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