Implementing A Successful Change For An Organization

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Change is necessary and an important aspect of all organizations. These changes happen when an organization is heading down a path of a financial downturn or experiencing a lack of customer loyalty. After the vision for the organization is realized, a group of volunteers then assists other members of the organization in understanding and accepting these changes. When one stage is out of sync, all the other steps are then impacted and may not occur. As long as all the first four steps are successful, the next step to creating a successful change in an organization is to identify the resistors in the organization and select the best way to train or remove those barriers. After those barriers are dealt with, the organization can then begin to create a variety of small goals that are easily obtained until you reach the final goal the organization saw in the original vision (Doseck, 2015). Alaskan Airlines was concerned with its’ steadily draining reserves of customer loyalty, an extreme amount of flights landing on time and mishandling of checked baggage. When the company brought in a new CEO, they were able to create a plan that they were able to convince employees that a change was necessary for the airline to continue business. Alaska Airlines was able to implement a new system of training and evaluation to assist in customer service and on-time flight plans. The next steps for Alaska Airlines are to eliminate the obstacles and begin to create goals for the company to achieve

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