Implementing Agile Manufacturing And An Agile Model

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Implementing agile manufacturing in your organisation will require careful planning. The process is by no means easy, but the following steps will ensure you focus on the key issues when considering the agile approach.


First, you must conduct extensive research into agile manufacturing. The most important aspects to understand and study include:

• The cost of agile manufacturing
• The processes required for agile manufacturing
• The tasks involved with the process

You should understand these three aspects in relation to your business. For example, the cost of implementation can vary depending on the industry you operate in and the business model you are using.

One of the ways to get a better understanding of the above points is by examining other businesses. You should try to find organisations similar to your business, which have implemented agile manufacturing in the past.

Furthermore, consider the benefits and downsides to transforming your manufacturing model to an agile model. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages in more detail in the following section. Consider the points view your business and get a better understanding whether the benefits outweigh the costs in your circumstances.

It’s essential to understand that certain products are more suited for agile manufacturing than others. Examine your products and ask the following questions:

• Would this product benefit from better personalisation? Is there a potential market for creating the…
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