Implementing An Ed Fast Track Area ( Fta )

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Emergency Department crowding is a cause for great concern. It is costly and responsible for compromising quality of care and community trust (McHugh, VanDyke, McClelland, & Moss, 2011). According to McHugh et al. (2011), improving patient flow can mitigate ED crowding. This paper will describe a plan to implement an ED fast-track area (FTA) as one solution to improve patient flow and reduce ED crowding. The author will describe the approval process, review the problem, discuss the proposal, explain the rationale behind the proposal, examine the evidence, describe the implementation logistics, and determine the necessary resources required for implementation. Implementation Strategy Obtaining Approval In September 2016, the Director of the ED at St. Anthony North Health Campus (SANHC) ED was approached to discuss the challenges with patient flow. Approval was given to proceed with a study on the implementation of an FTA as one solution to reduce ED crowding. As this project moves forward, the author will also seek approval from the ED staff, the Medical Director for the ED, the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), and the Chief Medical Officer. The Problem St. Anthony North Health Campus (SANHC) ED is a busy Level III trauma center in Westminster, Colorado. The ED sees approximately 27, 775 patients a year. Of those patients, approximately 27.3% are Emergency Severity Index (ESI) Levels 4 and 5. The average wait time (WT) for all patients is 11 minutes, the average length of stay

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