Implementing An Effective Strategic Plan And Initiatives Taken By Organizations For Employee Development

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What is an organization..?
An organization is a social unit of people that is designed and managed to meet a need or, to pursue collective goals. Every organization has a management structure that defines the relationship between different activities and members of the organization. It subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open systems that affect and are affected by their environment.
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Strategic planning process The success or failure of an organization depends upon its way of implementing an effective strategic plan, people management and employee welfare. So, in this topic I
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(B).The SWOT analysis, gives a clear idea and in-depth analysis of an organization’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats.

• Strengths include factors that play a major role in growth and success of organization, such as good availability of financial resources, technology, skilled employee, good will and brand value etc.

• Weaknesses include factors that lag the organizations growth, or hurdles a company has to overcome in the long run, such as lack of funds, poor infrastructure, improper management, etc.

• Opportunities of an organization are the possible ways of business expansion and additional revenue generation. Ex: market growth, product development and technological advancements.

• Threats are the factors that pose a danger to the existence and survival of an organization. It may include factors such as new entrant into market, increased cost of production, changes in government rules and regulations etc.

(C).Future forecasts

Forecasting plays a major role in the success of an organization, as it impacts the decision making and investment planning of the organization. In the modern world, every industry is highly dynamic and easily subject to changes. Proper market prediction, up gradation and market survey is highly necessary to capture new consumers and markets.

Ex: Indigo airline entered the aviation industry in 2006, within a span of 5 years, it stood as the largest single carrier airline in India
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