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Implementing Change Terri Gates HCS/475 Leadership 475 Implementing Change Leadership and management is an ever-changing world. The word “leadership” is quite recent and did not emerge until the early nineteenth century in governmental writings and before was known through titles of sovereigns who were distinguished from the public. Society did the distinguishing of the authorities, which creates one individual over another and a hierarchical leadership from top to bottom or vertical ranking. The development and movement of information systems and communication are increasing universal decisions for society that such thinking is unfair (Bass, 1990). Measuring individual performances driven by processes, functions, and…show more content…
3) Stick to the program agendas. 4) Promote the estimated benefits. 5) Review plan and adjust if need. Once implementation is under-way the results of the new change to systems and structure must be under constant observation. Change never looks exactly like the expectations of the strategic plan and affected individuals will not always respond as expected, either. Leaders must examine and evaluate target objectives revealing if change is reaching desirable results for the organization. Evaluation is 1) Establish target objectives to measure outcomes. 2) Communicate to staff members the measures for successful results. 3) Organize the collection and evaluating of the effect. 4) Continually communicate with staff members during the evaluation processes. 5) Review plan and adjust if need. If the change is found successful by filling target objectives the new process is in the adoption mode and becomes part of normal routines. Reviewing never stops but goes into eternal observation with the organizations staff and internal or external systems. More questions are asked (Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc., 2011). Adoption includes exploring 1) How has staff members adjusted to the new processes and systems? 2) How well is the implementation of change meeting the target objectives? 3) What did not meet the target objectives? 4) Where are the leaders accountable for creating more success in meeting target objectives? 5) Review plan and adjust if

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