Implementing Change. In Reviewing Organizational Change

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Implementing Change In reviewing organizational change this is occurring with organizations that involve upper management. What 's more, the Chief Executive Office is responsible for making sure that the organization is ready for a period of change. Therefore, to go through a process or period of change from one thing to another. In an organizational change is a challenging job. As a result, this is very important for management to make sure that the workers will be able to change and to fit new conditions to these changes to maintain a competitive company. Also, Kotter 's eight-Step approach will help in identifying the nature of change and development of growth, such as the McDonald 's Corporation (Lacity, M., & Weiss, I.1989,…show more content…
Furthermore, additional training may be required for the staff and management teams (Weiss, 2012). Review the Organizational environment pressure In response to pressure from new competitors, McDonald 's Corporation. is giving a new and improved appearance to their kitchens to speed up and to become more extensive to their breakfast service in a move that many companies permitted to do business under a bigger business ' name see as serving as an introduction to something more important to all-day breakfast. What 's more, in a memo to companies permitted to do business under a bigger business ' name, McDonald 's executives describe the "breakfast optimization" as an important element of the company 's two-thousand seven, two-thousand nine plan to that is designed to bring increased quality of being efficient in the production that is performed in a specified way. “However, franchisees say that the new machines and reconfigured kitchen layouts required under the program suggest that McDonald 's is planning to abandon the traditional 10:30 AM cutoff for breakfast service” (Jargon, 2007, “p.”1-8). Furthermore, this is one way of improving services to their customers with a variety on their menu’s including breakfast. What’s more, “McDonald brothers discussed the possibility of franchising the restaurant and within a year Kroc opened the first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois”. Consequently, when McDonald’s opened their
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