Implementing Change Report Essay

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Implementing Change Report Carrie Kawa 310/HRM July 9th 2012 Rana Lindstrom Implementing Change Report Kudlers fine foods are implementing a change in the organization. This will be a progress report on how the changes has affected the company, how those changes are being monitored and the effect they have on the organization . We will be going in to further detail of what change management tools that were put in place to organize the change. Kudlers fine foods decided that expanding our company to new regions would have a benefit of putting Kudlers on the map. We chose Maine to be the new launch site of Kudlers fine food. This will be a report on the strength and opportunities we have taken to implement this new change. When…show more content…
Human resources had to be there for staffing and making sure all policy, rules and the mission statement our being implemented. The next phase of choice management is trajectory process – operation Maine , vision- expanding , strategy – to open a new store in a different region with a successfully outcome utilizing local resources with maintaining our high standers and qualities , change- how to bring our store to Maine and implements the changes that our needed . Our team after the initial set up with the project manger left as they got the Maine team set up. We monitored the changes every week with a progress report using D.I.C.E to measure the strength and opportunities of the project. The last part of choice management is the change process – objective -opening the new store, planning – making sure all the timelines are being met ,people – enlisting and staffing people that we know will be a benefit and will keep our high standards of what we stand for . We outline our objectives and deadlines to the project manager and in return the project manager using the D.I.C.E measurement to keep us updated weekly about all the changes that our taken place. While looking at the change process we have to anticipate any opportunities that come up to adjust the process. The project manager following the D.I.C.E measurements will go by the criteria of the measurements to make sure the goals are being met. Duration - this part helps keep track of
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