Implementing Change within an Organization

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The merging of public expectations into a business model is not just about implementing change in an organization. It's about recognizing that change is for a reason of improving the wider social or community benefits and integrating bottom line profitability potentials. To make this happen, there has to be a blending of these values such that both elements of the new organization are realized an effort that is only now just beginning to happen (. Many organizations seem to want to achieve this goal even if it means moving their operations into the field of chaos where innovation gets to mix with opportunity. An open educational setting (and especially one that is looking very directly as competition and cost factors) is ideal for such a transformation if the key stakeholders can be brought together in a way that addresses two elements: the internal barriers of their system and a vision for the future. Previous studies such as the work of MacMillan and Carlisle (2007) have shown this to be true, even though their work, which reviewed an earlier effort of Stacy (1993), was conducted in a pre-technology setting. Or at least it was done in a setting where the elements of the initiative and its emergent experiments in change did not focus on these capabilities to make its impact even more successful. The current effort seeks to provide the University of the Sky with its own directives to accept the best of some of what occurred previously and use that foundation for
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