Implementing Computerized and Digitally Mobile Home Automation System Towards Electric Appliance Control and Security System

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Int. J. Emerg. Sci., 1(3), 487-503, September 2011 ISSN: 2222-4254 © IJES

Implementing Computerized and Digitally Mobile Home Automation System towards Electric Appliance Control and Security System
Zeeshan Ahmed1,3,4,*, Mujtaba Ali2,4, Saman Majeed1
2 1 University of Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg Germany. DEKA Research and Development, Manchester USA. 3 Vienna University of Technology, Vienna Austria 4 University of Central Punjab, Lahore Pakistan.,

Abstract. In this research paper we address the importance of home automation system as compared to the old and traditional living systems. We present our own idea leading to a concept towards the practical implementation of a home
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But due to the lack of integration in available tools, technologies and limited relevant hardware availability, it is very difficult to produce a system which can be controlled fully as desired. The motivation behind this research was to propose, design and implement a home automation system i.e. Smart House; a computerized and digitally mobile home automation system towards electric appliance control and security system. Using


International Journal of Emerging Sciences, 1(3), 487-503, September 2011

developed system, a house’s electric appliances can be controlled via computer and mobile manually, automatically or by scheduling operations e.g. automatically turning on or off switches at particular date and time. Furthermore it requires the proposition and implementation of a security system for not only tracking the interruption but also intelligently taking immediate responses. This proposition can lead to many benefits in terms of its usage by saving time, improving security and reducing electricity usage by limiting the unnecessary use of electric appliances e.g. some lights are turned on every night and need to be turned off early morning which can be scheduled. It can also be very beneficial, in case if the user is a special/disabled person, then he or she can control the electric appliances without going to the every switch by foot. Due to its mobile use, it could be very use full for busy persons or those who normally forget things e.g. if some
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